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What information do you need from me once I sign up for an instaRefund Account?
All we need when you signup and create your instaRefund Account is your login information to your Canada Post Account or your login information to your EST Account. This will allow us to access your CP shipments and file refunds for your late shipments.
Will this affect my company's relationship with Canada Post?
No, this is part of Canada Post’s guaranteed service commitment to you. You are entitled to this refund, and not receiving any extra.
What is instaRefund?
instaRefund is an independent software application and service that automates the identification and refund process for your guaranteed shipments from multiple carriers. Our goal is to automate shipments on your behalf.


Is every package delivered late by Canada Post eligible for a refund?
No, not every Canada Post service has a guaranteed service commitment. Currently the XpressPost, Expedited Parcel and Priority services qualify for later delivery refunds.
How long does it take to receive a refund from Canada Post?# How do I get my refunds for Canada Post?
Generally, Canada Post if efficient in reviewing and resolving these late delivery claims, and this usually occurs within a week. The refunds will either be via refund checks emailed to you, or it will be credited back to your Canada Post Account.
Which Canada Post services qualify for refunds in case of late shipments?
Currently the XpressPost, Expedited Parcel and Priority services qualify for later delivery refunds.
How far back can my refunds be recovered?
All late delivery claims have to be filed within 30 days of the delivery of the shipment.
Why don't I just process refunds myself?

You can definitely elect to do so. However, the process is time-consuming and onerous and error prone if you do it manually. You will have to review every shipment to identify the late ones, and this greatly reduces the value of the refunds you do receive.

Our intelligent, rules based software completely automates the entire process of reviewing your shipments, identifying late shipments, filing the claims and receiving your refunds. Since our fees are based on the refunds we recover, there is no risk to you and most customers choose to outsource this so that they can focus on their core business.


Service Fees

Are there any long-term contracts with instaRefund?
Absolutely none. The service is month-month and you can cancel anytime and you will only hav to pay us for the refunds recovered through the end of the month in which you cancel your service.
Do you charge less commission for higher volume clients?
If your shipping costs are more than $15,000 a month, please contact us for special pricing.
How does instaRefund get paid?
We only get paid if you get paid your refund, i.e our billing model is contingency based. We charge a percentage of the shipping cost refunds received from Canada Post – you keep 55% of the refunds and we are due 45% of the refunds. We invoice you monthly for the amount due each month.