Many Canada Post users may not be aware that you are eligible for a full refund of your shipping cost if your guaranteed shipment arrives late, whether it is few minutes of a few days. Even if you are eligible for the refund, the effort involved in reviewing all your shipments, identifying late shipments, filing late delivery claims and monitoring refunds is a time consuming process that deters most users for pursuing this. Often these refunds can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars every month depending on your shipping volume – money that is rightfully yours! Fear not, instaRefund to the rescue! We fully automate the process of reviewing your shipments, determining qualifying late shipments, filing the refund claims on your behalf and ensuring that you receive your refund. All you have to do is sign up for our service and we do the rest! It’s free (no monthly fees) and completely risk-free – we only get paid if you receive your refunds.



  • instaRefund makes the whole process of claiming refunds painless and hands-free! Signed up for their service a few months ago and there was nothing more to do – just started receiving refunds that were automatically credited to our Canada Post Account. And they have amazing service too – always there to answer any questions we may have.

    –Maggie, Supplement Source

  • The best service available out there to claim your refunds – simple to signup and nothing more to do! Just start receiving refunds and enjoy the savings on your shipping costs! 

    –Michael, Global Shoes